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Our Work Matters

Black girls are often seen as less innocent and more grown up than other girls, which results in less support for them. Our girls benefit from encouragement and support to identify, challenge and overcome obstacles in education, health and wellness, juvenile justice, and identity development. We provide support & encouragement in safe spaces where they can practice self-advocacy and resistance.

Workshops for Girls (Grades 7-11)

  • “We Speak!”  Summer Program   
  • Taking Risks: Stress Management for Teens   
  • Unmask the Violence Pt 1: Love Is Blind  (co-sponsored w/ Light to Life)  

Workshops for High School Girls, Parents, & Allies

  • “Human Trafficking Is Real”    
  • Academic Wellness:  Getting to Graduation    
  • I am a Senior, Now What?   
  • ...More Than Magic