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The issues that Black girls face rarely receive the attention of the public, policy makers, or researchers. Black girls experience:

  • higher achievement gaps,
  • harsher disciplinary action, 
  • higher-levels of interpersonal violence 
  • higher levels of need in the areas of health and wellness

Black girls are often seen as less innocent and more grown up than other girls. They require encouragement and support to identify, challenge and overcome issues in the areas of education, health and wellness, juvenile justice, and identity development.


Who will ask the tough questions on behalf of our girls in an effort to disrupt inequality? we.REIGN, Inc will advocate on behalf of and with Black girls centering their voice and their stories. Black girls are the primary  stakeholders in their futures, so we will take the issues to them, get solutions from them and stand with them as they bring their ideas and solutions to other stakeholders, constituents and allies. 

Service & Support

We provide school and community based programming for Black girls and their families. Workshop topics include:

  • Academic Wellness
  • Identity Development 
  • Relationships and Sexual Health
  • Activism and Resistance

Our summer workshop "We Speak" is designed to inform and prepare our girls to become change agents in their lives and their communities. "Trafficking is Real" was created to  raise awareness among Black girls  about Human Trafficking, the complexities of sexual exploitation in the Black community and tools for prevention. 

We also offer solution-focused parent classes, and organize community awareness forums.


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We create safe spaces where Black girls can define themselves, for themselves and live unapologetically as they prepare and plan to become change agents in their lives and communities.

We are also available for

  • Community Events, 
  • Speaking Engagements, 
  • Professional Growth for Educators & Community Agencies

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